WITA… I disagree with what the fox says…and other “Who Cares?” topics

7 Jan

In this world of do-overs and remakes I am thinking they should do a remake of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Don’t get me wrong, I love this movie as is.  I can’t even guess  how many times I’ve watched it and it tugs on my heart strings at each viewing.  That being said, many of the “classic” films get revamped in an effort to promote a common thread from one generation to the next.  So I call out to those who are the bridges between the old and the new….It’s a Wonderful Life starring Paul Rudd as the wonderful George Bailey character.  I think Paul Rudd could share that same passionate grace that Jimmy Stewart brought to the screen. Maybe he could team with Paul Giamatti once again….now, “All is Bright” was not a blockbuster but there was an  unmistakable chemistry that I think would translate over into these new roles.

Switching topics….hey Revlon, Mabelline, or CoverGirl…here’s your new ad line….”It’s All About the Brush”.  (Flash to the close up of the short, fine tooth comb full brush combo applicator). I am a mascara piranha…I’ve gone through tube, after tube, after tube in the quest for non-glumpy, smearing, un-fakey looking, one layer coverage mascara…and the money spent?..let’s not go there….but it really isn’t the formula it’s the brush.  Show me a great mascara brush and you have me at the first application!


Hello world!

1 Sep

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